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Why We?

Guaranteed quality
of all work we perform

Unique costumer
Individual approach to the customer and the project

Optimal cost
for all work we perform

Supply range
wide supply range from hardware to software

Any kind of technical consultations

After all service
Support after implementing solution

Ardua services
What we provide

Hardware & software supply and support

From screw to the internet

We provide such services as hardware & software support, that includes hardware diagnostics, replacement of failed parts, hardware upgrades and everything that you might need.

Also we supply wide range of hardware & software to companies and individuals, from PC parts, network and peripherals to office tools, home appliances and smart devices.

CCTV & Security services

All under control

We will consult you what hardware is better to choose in your case, will guide you on CCTV market.

Planning & installation – that’s also what we do in Ardua. We will help you with supply, planning and installation of all hardware that you need in CCTV.

Webpage development

Show yourself

Landing page, eCommerce, personal blog, portfolio and etc – that all what we can develop for our clients.

If you already created your website but you searching for a hosting – we can help you here as well. Linux-based hosting with fast nginx, virtual machines, online support.

Even if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, we can make a consultation for you to help you with you your first website.


Give a hand

Any kind of technical consultations.

What hardware to choose, how to setup PC, how to use this or that software, what monitor to gift your child, how to make proper backup of your data.

Also we brings end-user security consultations. What VPN provider to choose, how to check website security certificate, how safe your PC from viruses, what password is safer or what is scam or phishing.

Our clients
Who trust us?

Our partners
Who we trust

About Ardua
Who we are?

Here at Ardua unite two type of minds – senior with huge amount of practice and young, progressive. We compose innovative things and time-tested solutions.


  • Installed more than 1000km of lan cables and routers
  • Support people more than in 9 time zones
  • Changed more than 1PB of hard disks
  • We are giving wide range of services

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